2.9 The June Assembly

Following being named a traitor, Bacon and his men move on Jamestown. What ensues is a series of mistakes and blunders by Governor Berkeley that will ...View Details

This week we explore the run-up to Bacon's Rebellion. With colonists already pushed to the breaking point as a result of excessive taxation, conflict ...View Details

This week we begin the first part in a series looking at Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia. Our examination starts by looking at the larger picture in Vir...View Details

Following the end of the third Anglo-Dutch war, New York was officially an English colony. What emerges is a struggle between the colonists and the ro...View Details

This episode we explore the transformation of New Netherland into New York, as well as look at the rise of Edmund Andros.

This week we look at an attempt to establish a feudal government in the new Carolina colony.

2.3 Carolina

This week our story heads back to the South. With Spanish influence waning the English decide to venture into the vast amount of land between Florida ...View Details

This week we are jumping back a bit and properly introducing the Province of Maryland. Originally founded to be a Catholic colony by Lord Baltimore, t...View Details

2.1 The Quakers

To begin our second season we look at the early years for the Quakers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The treatment of the Quakers by the Puritans wi...View Details

This week we wrap up the first season by continuing our look back at where we have been. We will also spend some time examining the themes that have h...View Details

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