William Penn enters our story as we explore his life and the founding of Pennsylvania.

This week we look at the ultimate legacy of King Philip's war. What had the entire thing meant? What were the short and long term gains? What about th...View Details

2.16 The Campaign of 1676

The tide begins to shift as the colonists take control of King Philip's war.

This week we follow the events of 1675. As the Indians keep up with their hit and run tactics, the colonists struggle to gain their footing in the war...View Details

After years of tension between the Plymouth colonists and the local tribes, the situation finally reached a tipping point in June 1675. What ensues ov...View Details

This week we look at the conditions in New England just prior to the outbreak of King Philip's War. The New England colonies continue to push back aga...View Details

This episode we look at the final days of Bacon's Rebellion. We examine how the English deal with the situation once they arrive in the colonies, and ...View Details

This week the fight moves back to Jamestown for a final encounter between Berkeley and Bacon. The outcome is going to leave everybody looking at a new...View Details

As Bacon's Rebellion continues we are going to watch Governor Berkeley continue to make misstep after misstep as he fights to regain control of his co...View Details

2.9 The June Assembly

Following being named a traitor, Bacon and his men move on Jamestown. What ensues is a series of mistakes and blunders by Governor Berkeley that will ...View Details

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