The Political History of the United States

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3.5 The Legacy of Salem

Following our look at the events that gripped 1692 Salem, this week we examine exactly how it all happened and what the lasting legacy of the trials was.

3.4 The Salem Witchcraft Trials

In 1692 the village of Salem, Massachusetts was gripped by fears and allegations of witchcraft.

3.3 The New Charters

After spending several years in limbo, William III finally decides the fate of the North American colonies and begins issuing the new charters.

3.2 The Waiting Game

The colonies spend a nervous few years between the rebellions of 1689 and the coming new charters.

3.1 The Glorious Revolution in Maryland

As rebellion spread throughout the Dominion Government to the North, it would also find its way to Maryland, where the colonists had finally had enough of the Catholic proprietors.

2.32 Season in Review, Part 2

Tying all the strings of our second season together.

2.31 Season in Review, Part 1

The first of our two-part season in review.

2.30 Leisler’s Rebellion

New York decides that their time in the Dominion is over, as Jacob Leisler leads the charge to overthrow it.

2.29 The Aftermath of the Boston Rebellion

With Andros gone and the Dominion government in shambles, the colonists are forced to plot a new and uncertain path forward.

Season 2, Supplement 1: The Declaration of the Gentlemen

A reading of The Declaration of the Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of Boston, and the Country Adjacent.

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