This week we are looking at the evolving religious dynamic in Massachusetts throughout the 1630s and '40s. During this time the Puritan church would t...View Details

1.25 The Pequot War

This week our episode turns to the Pequot War and the massacre in the Mystic River Valley. This war is going to have long term political implications ...View Details

This week we return to the narrative and welcome two new colonies to our story. First, we are going to look at Connecticut. Second, we are going to he...View Details

Upon arriving in America, Roger Williams quickly became one of the most prominent colonists in New England. As the founder of Rhode Island, a proponen...View Details

For the first biography episode of the podcast, we look at John Winthrop. An early founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Winthrop would spend much ...View Details

Last time, we spent our episode discussing the causes of the Great Migration from England. We looked at the changing economic and religious atmosphere...View Details

1.20 The Great Migration

Thus far we have placed our focus in New England on Plymouth which has seen a steady, though slow, amount of growth. However, during the 1630's the po...View Details

Following the English attack at Wessagussett, the Plymouth colony enters a new period. During this episode, we are going to see the continued fallout ...View Details

During the settlers second year in Plymouth we see them work to build off the diplomatic success that we saw a week ago. Unfortunately for the settler...View Details

With the end of the first winter, the Pilgrims attention was quickly turned towards the Indian question. This week we are going to detail those early ...View Details

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